Test Report – Phthalate Free PVD

We recently developed new PHTHALATE FREE PVC which has been tested locally and later on for a re-confirmation, we got it tested from SGS so that a proper TEST REPORT could be sent to buyers who have requirements of Soccer Balls in PVC which are PHTHALATE FREE.
We are pleased to mention that our developed Phthalate Free PVC has been passed and approved by SGS.
SGS Test report is available that reflects PASS RESULTS for:
1- EN 71 (Part 1- Physical Properties)
2- EN 71 (Part 2- Flammability Test)
3- EN 71 (Part 3- Migration of Elements)
4- EU Directive 2005/ 84 / EC (For Phthalate determination)
There are rumors that starting July 2010, EU will ban imports of PVC products having high phthalate contents therefore, we have been receiving inquiries from different EU buyers for Phthalate Free Soccer Balls since Nov 2008.
Current PVC leather that is in use for production of Soccer Balls have very high phthalate content hence if tested, it fails EU regulations on Phthalate.

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